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gay_geeks's Journal

Gay Geeks
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A place for geeks of the gay persuation to hang out.
Community Rules:
1) No off-topic posts - This is a topical community, meaning if it isn't gay and geeky you should probably think about posting it elsewhere (like your LJ). At least make sure it's geeky, we're not simply a gay community.
2) No spam - Whether you're spamming Viagra or some LJ community, we don't care. We will use this on you.
3) No harassment - Posts harassing other users are not allowed. You'll probably get banned for it, so play nice.
4) Don't disable comments on your entry - For the love of God just don't do it. I will eat your soul.

We're a pretty laid back community here. Just play nice and I'm sure we'll all get along.

Oh, and if you haven't heard of gaygeeks, you may want join them too.